Cosmetology & Personality Development



                                                                                                                   Dr. Sadhna


                                                                                                                   Ms. Himali Bhola


Cosmetology & Personality Development (Add-on-Course)

In our college cosmetology & Personality Development course started in 2009-10 with maximum 30 students in Certificate Course. Currently we have three types of courses in that.

1. Certificate Course.

2. Diploma Course.

3. Advance Diploma Course.

A cosmetologist is an expert in makeup, skin care and beauty products.

Cosmetologists provide beauty services that include cosmetic care for hair, skin, nails and body.

In our college Add-on-Course in Cosmetology & Personality Development is running with correspondence to Degree Courses. Currently  in our college there will be  a total of 99 Students in different Cosmetology Courses. 36 Of them is in Certificate Course, 32 in Diploma and 31 in Advance Diploma.


Facilities in our college

We have a variety of latest equipment in our college for Skin Care, Hair Care, Manicure, Pedicure and Facials which helps student to learn Cosmetology Basics and Depth.

Separate Theory classes also conducted in our college for oral knowledge of Students.


Career Scope & Opportunity

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” 

Everyone in this world wants to look beautiful and handsome in others eyes.

That’s why career opportunity in the field of cosmetology is highly demanded.

There is a wide scope in the profession of cosmetology in India or in other countries. Cosmetology is the promising career for youth because of advancement in the life style.


Employment & Jobs

“Endless career possibility in the industry of Beauty”

In India, the industry is booming and the demand of a cosmetologist is on a high-rise in the Fashion World.

As a cosmetologist, you can work in high-end salons, beauty parlors and in luxury hotels/resorts.

Beauty business and after doing these courses we have 100% self occupancy rate. This course is the best course for future as Beauty peangent /contest Miss World/ Miss Universe will go on increasing and cosmetic companies are growing. These courses in this Add on course is a boon for students. Self grooming has emerged as a profitable Business.Our Alumni after doing these courses earn 20,000 to 2 Lakh/3 Lakh per month for bridal makeups.

Our Alumni are also working as Cosmetologists in Australia and Canada Also. We are very thankful to our college Principal and  Staff  for bringing these courses.

Cosmetology & Personality Development  Students Data


2009-10 : Certificate - 30

2014-15:  Certificate - 44  Diploma- 24  Advance Diploma - 20  Total - 88

2015-16:  Certificate - 44  Diploma - 25 Advance Diploma - 15 Outer - 7 Total - 91

2016-17:  Certificate - 92  Diploma - 37 Advance Diploma - 22 Bcom III Short Course - 13                                     Outer - 3 Total - 167

2017-18:  Certificate- 39  Diploma - 33 Advance Diploma - 22 Total - 94

2018-19:  Certificate - 36 Diploma - 30 Advance Diploma - 31 Total - 97

2019-20: Certificate - 36 Diploma - 32 Advance Diploma - 31 Total - 99



100 % Students till date are self-employed or working as cosmetologist/Skin specialist/Hair care/Bridal Make-ups and giving excellent response.



All the best to everyone.







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