Road Safety Club

Road safety club has been running from...... the college.The aim of this club is to get the students aware about the use of road.Road safety is very important during the road and must be known by all because the main reasons for death are becoming a road accident. Everyone should know about the traffic rules and security rules from their earliest times, so that they can adopt a protective behavior in later life. Under this club, the college organise "Road Safety Week" every year under the observance of the programme the team tries to make the students aware about the road sings and do's and don't's of using the road.Different types of competitions are organized in which there are slogan writing, poster making, declamation and poetry recitation. The college organizes a campaign under which the students who do not wear helmets or do not have driving license with them are prohibited to enter the college campus along with their vehicles. On the whole, the objective to organise the Road safety club is to create awareness among the students as well as the citizens of the area.

Extension lecture on Traffic Rules ( 3-09-2019) More Photos
Organized road safety quiz competition 23-10-18 More Photos
Road safety week 4 feb to 10 feb 2019 More Photos
Poem, Speech, Poster & Slogan Competition Organised by Road safety Club (11th January to 17th January) More Photos
Sadak sureksha and jeewan Raksha month(18 jan to 18 feb) today activity by Road safety club incharge Dr surjeet, Dr indu vij and Dr shashi and students... Rally and Shapat samraho on 11th feb 2021 More Photos
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My experience with NHPS,Billaspur over the last 5 years has been very satisfying as it has provided a strong foundation for my son as he has grown thru his formative years. The learning methodology has given him the opportunity to develop his learning, exploratory and inquisitive side thru his tenure here. He and now his sister continue to enjoy themselves.

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To see our children wake up each morning and look forward to go to school is the first sign that there is something about the place that a young mind discerns, as a space she/he feels welcomed and accepted. Agreed, there have been moments of anxiety that many a parents chose to walk away from and take their ward along.