Organised Seven Days Camp by N.S.S Unit (17-03-2019)

A seven-day camp was organized by the NSS unit at Sant Mohan Singh Khalsa Labana Girls College Barara, under the supervision of Dr. Shashi Khurana, Program Officer of NSS camp with the permission of the college Principal Dr. Praveen Verma and the committee headed by Didar Singh.The main theme of the program was a step towards cleanliness.In the beginning of the program, Program Officer Dr. Shashi Khurana declared the volunteers She informed that the scheme was sanctioned by the government in the scheme nutrition campaign.She said that the Sanitation Campaign which started on October 2, 2014, in which awareness of cleanliness of the countrymen,creating a defecation India, cleanliness of the surroundings, healthy She has to live.She has run the government's current nutrition campaign in which the malnourished children told about the nurturing of women that do not eat the proper diet.The children are being malnourished without proper nutrients, and we should create health youth by giving them the correct amount of iron, protein, carbohydrate, etc., to the children.Miss Anchal Sharma, who came from Delhi in the beginning of the camp, gave yoga to the students.Personal training was done on this occasion.Mr. Tarun Kaushal ji, Chairman, District youth development organization, Mr. Tarun Kaushal, as Chief Guest on this occasion Mr. Balvinder singh,Mr.Yogesh ji, Mr. Sahab Singh ji and Maulana Block Committee Chairman NGO member Smt.Monika Kalra, Shree Tarun Kaushal, inspired by saying that the national service scheme is an art of life, to see changes in life.Meet National Service Scheme encourages us to work continuously, before expecting others, we should change from the inside to the mentalform.With the help of our society, our organization is constantly making efforts to make the needy women self-reliant, and with this, Monika Kalra also said that by serving the society, that which is given to our mind and does not get any work done.Never should we consider ourselves as weak daughters and mothers are equal in nature and honor should always be respected.Balvinder Singh ji also said that And the birthplace is more than heaven and the person is identified by his deeds and we should serve the country and society without selflessness.Dr.Indu Vij, who is associated with the organization, also shared his thoughts with everyone.At the end of the program, Dr. Daljeet Kaur also thanked all the guests and encouraged the students to do all these things.