Information technology and computer Application


                                                                                                      Mrs. Gita Chugh

Lect. in  Computer Science

Information technology covers a broad spectrum of hardware and software solutions that enable organizations and gather, organize and analyze data  that helps them achieve their goals.IT also details technology based workflow processes  that expend the capacity of an organization to deliver services that generate revenue. The four main focuses of it personnel are business computer network and database management , information security and business software development and computer technical support.

As the it industry evolves to meet the technology demands the today’s workplace, different challenges  are arising and IT professionals are striving to meet them . There is also a gentler Introduction to Computers for non-majors, and a basic course focusing on programming that is taught in several computer languages. The job prospects for computer scientists and computer engineers are excellent.

Let’s talk about careers for a moment.  Employment for information technology and related services are projected to grow rapidly over the next decade, outpacing similar professional, scientific, and technical industries, as well as the economy as a whole. Another reason for the rise of IT careers is the need to defend our information systems from countless attacks. Just in the past few years alone, the BLS reports “there is a 17-fold increase in the number of cyber-attacks on U.S. infrastructure between 2009 and 2011.”Security companies also have produced reports that show large increases in security breaches on private businesses in those years as well.With the increasing need for IT professionals, this seems to be one of the more stable careers for the next decade. One of the first steps to becoming an IT professional is to obtain a degree or certification in computer or management informationsystems.
Here are some of the most popular positions for people interested in Information Technology:
1.Computer system analyst:

 In this position, analysts design and develop computer systems and are an expert at every facet of hardware, software, and networks. Analysts also evaluate the systems and research the industry for better products to enhance their existing system.
2. Cloud Specialist:

Cloud specialists organize and give configuration to the information infrastructure in the sky. Because this is still an emerging technology, these architects .
 3.Computer  forensic investigator:
These investigators are computer crime detectives that search for, identify, and evaluate information from computer systems.
4. Health IT Specialist:
Health IT is booming, especially with Affordable Care Act coming on and transition from paper to electronic health records. Health IT specialists will mix computer knowledge will record-keeping skills, medical coding, and billing.
5. Database Administrator:
Database administrators create, upgrade, and test for databases.
6. Web Developer:
Web developers are in high demand because they have a great understanding of what makes a good operating system. They create web pages, web applications and web content with their knowledge of what the average surfer finds visually stimulating and how to optimize sites for mobile tech, among numerous other skills.
7. IT Manager:
These managers are the contact pros when your email won’t send or Microsoft Word doesn’t open. As the head of the IT department, they ensure that a company’s network is operating smoothly and that dangerous threats like malware are minimized.
8. Information Technology Vendor Manager:
Slightly more hands-off compared to some tech positions, vendor managers oversee supply when it comes to software and hardware. This can mean anything from Microsoft’s latest word processor to health IT programs for hospitals.
9.Computer  Systems Administrator:
The expertise of network and computer systems administrators is essential to every office. Aside from maintaining a healthy computer network, they also lend their tech knowledge to managing telecommunication networks. This profession is expected to add 96,600 new positions by 2020!
10. Mobile Application Developer:
Because of our highly-mobile lifestyle, mobile application developers are and will be in high demand for years to come, especially as mobile devices and technology becomes increasingly sophisticated.

IT students have a lot of scope for their future. Since the technologies and IT sectors are increasing day by day, the need of employers are also increasing. But just reaching IT field for the sake of a degree and a job wont give success. Because in coming future the IT industries do not adopt employers having degrees for a short term course, they need really talented and well experienced employers to do their job. No doubt that IT fields are in its developing path. There will never be any degrading in its opportunities. IT may be the best field for those searching for self employments. If you are able to get success in your IT courses, then I can guarantee that your dreams will never die. IT sector can be said as a pot of chances that give one many opportunities to reach top in his/her life. The main specialty of this field is that one can reach his success by just having some qualities like creativity, willpower to learn new things, ability to withstand any situations and confidence.
What is amazing about the Information Technology field is that you do not have to be a tech person to get involved in the industry. Like many other skills, technology skills can be learned on the job. Nowadays, a lot of job training is done informally, through observation, interactions with co-workers and hands-on projects. No matter what career you might pursue in the future, technology skills can definitely lead you to bigger and better things. The technology industry not only needs programmers and developers, they need writers, graphic designers, project managers, human resource personnel and marketing professionals, and the list goes on. And by pursuing one of these positions in the technology field, not only do you work on something you are familiar with, but you also have the opportunity to learn more about the technology that surrounds us every single day.
                                                      “IT + IT= IT”

                 “Indian Talent + Information Technology = India Tomorrow”


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