The Beauty of Cosmetology

Ms. Priyanka


With prosperity and the again baby boomers creating a demand for cosmetology services career opportunities in the field just keep looking better all the time

Cosmetology is a profession requiring artistry,  practical knowledge and a high degree of that blend of communication and psychology commonly known as “ People skills. “ It is also a field of growing opportunities. The bureau of labor Statistics predicts continuing job growth in the industry through 2008.

The excellent outlook for  cosmetology career opportunities is based on a number of factors, among them the booming economy and our increasing population. And as in any equation these days , the baby boomers figure in prominently.  Maintaining a youthful appearance is extremely important to many baby boomers , and they are seeking out trained professionals to help them achieve that goal. Some of those baby boomers are even making cosmetology their second career .

Although the average age of a student in  the field is 22 , some retirees are entering the field. They are drown by the appeal of flexible of part-time hours and a course of study that can be completed in approximately 10 months .

There are areas of specialization within cosmetology , and an increasing number of workers have chosen to enter these areas in recent years. The fastest growing group of these workers is manicurists , but estheticians also have experienced a growth in their numbers.


The field of cosmetology is broken down into the following major job categories.

1Assistant Beautician: An Assistant Beautician provides basic beauty services like apilation , manicure, pedicure, and basic skin care services. They must be able to assist the beautician or the beauty Therapist to provide advanced beauty care to customers. An assistant beautician can also be trained as an assistant hair style.

2 Assistant Hair Stylist: An assistant hair stylist repair prepares customers by shampooing and conditioning customers hair. An assistant hair stylist must possess knowledge of blow drying hair and providing basic hair cut services along with helping the hair stylist to provide advanced hair services to customers. They must also possess good  hand and eye coordination and attention to the detail while providing services. They must be aware of the health , hygiene and safety of the customers at the saloon in order to reduce potential risks to themselves and others. An assistant beautician his also trained to provide pedicure and manicure services in a salon.

3 Pedicurist and manicurist: A pedicurist and manicurist performs beauty services for the feet and hands. A pedicurist and manicurist must have the knowledge of the basics of cleaning feet and hands shaping and beautifying the nails of toes and fingers. They must prepare the maintain work area in a professional manner. They must be aware of the health , hygiene and safety of the customers at the salon in order to reduce potential risk to themselves and others.

4 Skin:  Esthetician cleans and beatify the skin. This may include giving facials , waxing and skin chemical procedures.


All states require cosmetologists to be licensed , but the qualification for a license may vary. Graduation from a state – licensed cosmetology school is a General Requirement , and the individual must be at least 16 years old.


Employment Opportunities also exist for managers of large salons , beauty or fashion consultants and sales representatives for   cosmetics firms