Organised a extension lecture by career counselling cell on the topic how to write a research paper (13-02-2019)

At Sant Mohan Singh Khalsa Labana Girls College Barara,  an extension lecture on behalf of Career Counselling Cell was ,delivered on the topic' How to Write a Research Paper 'on behalf of Career Counseling Cell .It was organized by Department of commerce, Under the supervision of Dr Ritu Chandna. On this occasion, Dr. Meenu Associate Professor in Management came from M.M Deemed University, Mullana who explained the topic of how to write a research paper.In this way, after researching, researching methods, in which journals we have our research Publication of paper can be used for which parameters should be used, where the research technique is applied and the conclusions which are derived from it How to present nowadays different types of journals are coming with their impact factor.We should publish our research paper in the reference journal because the paper marks published in these research journals are added during the interview.With this Dr. Ritu Chandna, thanking Madam Meenu and motivated the students to pay attention to all these things.