29-01-2019 Discussion on the exam by PM Modi

The program based on the topic of discussion on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's examination in Sant Mohan Singh Khalsa Labana Girls College Barda was shown to students through direct TV. With regard to the stress caused by the examination of the examination, The front and the Honorable Prime Minister came to know about their solutions through various examples. Students have been resolved through various examples under the guidance of parents, subject to anxiety to choose career, loss of self-confidence during exams, wandering from studies etc. Problems with problems have been solved for this. To know, to simulate with yourself and tell the things to keep the balanced development of the IQ and also to parents. He should not compare his children to other children, but should increase the confidence of his children and live like a friend with his children, so that the children can open their problems and tell their parents. PM Modiji suggested to maintain the Guru's disciple tradition. Your task should be done with full dedication and using the time. All the shades of the college benefitted from these solutions. To show this program, arrangements were made for girls to sit at two places in the college.After benefiting at least 500 college students from the live video of the entire program and the live video of the Prime Minister of the computer. All the staff of the college were present on the spot. At the end of the discussion topic, the college principal Dr. Pravin Verma had given the girls their own In the episode Hard, Hard encouraged him to achieve his goal and encouraged the solutions referred by Prime Minister Modi in his life. The program was organized successfully by the organizer of the program Mr. Anupama Gupta under the supervision of Political Science Department Incharge.