Awareness rally organized by Road Safety Club

Road rally organized by Sant Mohan Singh Khalsa Labana Girls College on Road Safety Club organized a conscious rally against road safety rules, with the permission of the college principal Dr. Parveen Verma and committee chief Sardar Dider Singh ji, the Road Safety Club Incharge Dr. Surjit Kaur Club member A rally was conducted under the supervision of Navneet Kaur, Prof. Reena Nagpal, Dr. Seema Saini. College students through Barley Barara residents To ensure safety of road safety, we must follow the road safety rules to avoid accidents. While driving, do not use the phone while wearing a two-wheeler, wear helmets, do not overtake, while driving Use of seat belt, keeping speed of vehicle speed, etc. should be kept in mind. In the essay writing, Shilpa I, Shivani II, Jyoti third place. Manpreet first, Ankita II, ekam third place in the language competition. With this College Principal Dr. Parveen Verma encouraged the girl students to follow the traffic rules that we must first keep ourselves vigilant. By knowingly we learn all these rules, we should protect ourselves along with protecting ourselves. On this occasion, all the staff of the college is present.