Under the media, there are television, radio, cinema,Photography, newspapers, magazines, and interactive pages.  

Important Fields of Journalism Course: 

Print Journalism: This is the oldest field of journalism which is still popular in India. Print journalism opportunities are available in many languages ​​of the country. Magazines in print mainly work for the newspaper.

Electronic Journalism: Electronic Journalism brought journalism to the world of the world by removing journalism from the world of letters.It became popular even in remote areas via audio, video, TV, radio. It has become the biggest platform of journalism through TV satellite, cable service and new technologies.

Web Journalism: This journalism platform provided feedback to readers, visitors, that is, you can ask questions directly from the news maker. With the coming of smart phones this day is going on day by day. This medium is being established as a future of journalism.

Public Relations: This field is slightly apart from journalism, it is taught even during the study of journalism.It is in public relation to present the image of a person, the organization positively in the eyes of the people.After doing a course of public relations, work is done for business houses, political personalities, celebrities and institutions.